Monday, September 22, 2008

CBC Radio Presents Canada's Digital Wish List

The radio show/podcast Spark on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has started a feature called Canada's Digital Wish List as a way of sponsoring discussion during the federal election campaign.

Show producers are "asking people who work in technology and innovation to tell us what they think Canada needs to do now in order to be considered a major innovator in the future (...) Another way of saying this is: What do you wish you were hearing from our politicians about technology and innovation? We're calling people who work in privacy, green IT, new media, and many other sectors, to weigh in on this question. We hope to have all of our 'Wish List' people chosen within the next few days. You'll hear them on the show soon."

Spark, a weekly show about the impact of IT trends on society and culture, is hosted by Nora Young.

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