Monday, September 08, 2008

Federal Bills That Died On the Order Paper

With yesterday's dissolution of Canada's 39th federal Parliament, many important bills automatically died.

35 bills in fact, according to a tabulation in the Sept. 8, 2008 issue of The Hill Times:

"Of the 35 bills that died, 20 were at second reading in the House, nine were at the committee stage, one was at report stage and two were at third reading. Three were being studied in the Senate, two of which were at second reading and one was at committee."
Among the biggies:
  • C-10 on film tax credits
  • C-17 on immigration selection
  • C-19 on Senate appointments
  • C-25 on youth criminal justice
  • C-27 on identity theft
  • C-51 on food safety
  • C-61 on copyright reform

Background on House and Senate bills can be found on the Library of Parliament's LEGISinfo site.

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