Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fiftieth Anniversary of France's Conseil Constitutionnel

The Conseil constitutionnel, France's highest constitutional court, is turning 50.

It is a creation of the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, which came into being on Oct. 4, 1958. The Conseil opened its doors in March 1959.

It judges electoral disputes and examines referrals from the National Assembly, Senate or executive branch about the constitutionality of laws and treaties.

The full website (in its French version) was recently totally redesigned.

Last October, Mrs. Library Boy and I were in Europe for three weeks and spent our last three days in Paris. On our very last day, we had lunch with Stéphane Cottin in a restaurant near the Conseil's offices a few streets away from the Comédie française theatre in central Paris. We connected via our respective blogs. I also think he is a regular reader of the collaborative Canadian legal blog

Until July 2008, Stéphane was in charge of the registry and IT services at the Conseil. He now works in the Secrétariat général du gouvernement, a central administrative agency of the government under the authority of the French Prime Minister.

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