Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ten Web Design Tips for Libraries

I am always on the lookout for ideas on how to present library content and services, since I help with many of the pages for the library Intranet where I work.

In the February 15, 2009 issue of Library Journal, Brian Mathews has Ten essentials for any library site:
"Be aware of the message your library's web site sends. If the homepage is confusing, then patrons will undoubtedly perceive the library to be complex. If the site is filled with links and widgets, then users might feel overwhelmed or frustrated. If the design looks out-of-date, then patrons will likely feel that your library is also behind the times. Web design matters. So start thinking about your site as an ongoing personal experience and not just a URL."

"What is the next step for your web site? A new homepage, a complete redesign, a face-lift, or just some new features? When it comes to web development, there is always something new to try. Let's set aside the bells and whistles of current design trends and instead focus on elements that will update your web site's appearance, improve its functionality, and make a lasting positive impression on your patrons. Here are ten places to start."


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