Monday, June 01, 2009

Online Federal Consolidated Acts and Regulations Now Official

The Justice Canada website carries an announcement that:
"As of June 1, 2009, all consolidated Acts and regulations are 'official', meaning that they can be used for evidentiary purposes. This is the result of the coming into force on that date of amendments made to the Statute Revision Act, which has been renamed the Legislation Revision and Consolidation Act."

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 7:42 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, are Ontario and Canada/Federal the only jurisdictions in Canada where electronic versions of legislation are official? Any idea if other provincial or territorial jurisdictions will be making their electronic legislation official any time soon?

2:48 pm  
Blogger Michel-Adrien said...

On March 18, I published a post entitled "Quebec Government Introduces Bill That Would Make Electronic Laws Official" -

It explains that Quebec has introduced a bill in the National Assembly, one of whose effects would be to give official status to electronic versions of Quebec statutes.

8:37 pm  

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