Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Official European Union Website Gets Makeover

Europa – the European Union’s official website - has just had a makeover.

The major idea was to separate laws and other technical material from more general information.

As well, the layout has been simplified and the site has been divided into 6 main themes:
  • About the EU (history, structure, institutions)
  • Policies and Activities (policy areas, grants, tenders)
  • Your Life in the EU (work, study, consumer rights, health, rights of residence)
  • Take Part! (online debates, blogs, YouTube videos)
  • Documentation Centre
  • Media Centre
A navigation menu reflecting those 6 themes appears on all pages to make it easier to move around the site's more than 6 million pages of information, information available in all 20 (twenty) official languages of the EU, from Bulgarian to Swedish.

There is a tutorial on how to use the new site.

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