Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tenth Annual Justicia Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Justice Canada has announced the names of the winners of the tenth annual Justicia Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

The Awards, which are sponsored by the Canadian Bar Association and the Department of Justice Canada, celebrate outstanding journalism that fosters public awareness and understanding of the Canadian justice system.

Awards are given for French or English stories in two categories: broadcast and print media.

The winners in the broadcast category:
  • Global TV Calgary (reporter Mia Sosiak, photographers George Glen and Bruce Aalhus, and editor Joe McDaid) for a November 2008 series "Court of Hope" on Calgary’s Drug Treatment Court
  • CBC Radio national news reporter Karen Pauls, CBC TV national reporter Marisa Dragani and national TV producer Jason Ho received a certificate of merit for their reports "Not Criminally Responsible" about the trial of Vince Li, the man accused of killing and beheading a man on a Greyhound bus.

The winners in the print category:

  • Peter McKnight of the Vancouver Sun for articles on the responsibility of the media in reporting on crime, and the trend towards "governing through crime".
  • Brian Myles of Le Devoir received a certificate of merit for his December 2008 series of articles entitled "Dix ans de médiation au Québec" on the tenth anniversary of civil mediation in Quebec.
Winners receive a bronze statuette that is based on the Justicia statue that stands outside the Supreme Court building in Ottawa.

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