Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bad News for UK's Intute Scholarly Resources Site

Intute, a British-based directory of scholarly resources for the higher education world, is losing its funding from JISC, the body that provides financial support to UK colleges and universities for digital technology projects:
"Professor David Baker, Deputy Chair of JISC and Chair of the portfolio review process says, 'Intute started in 1996 as the Resource Discovery Network, a cutting edge approach at the time to help librarians bring together quality resources online. The service pioneered one of the first online searchable catalogues for academic information and virtual training resources. In 2006, Intute launched as a service'. "

" 'As JISC services reach the end of their existing funding cycle it is always intended, wherever possible, that they move from being fully funded to being part-funded or fully sustained by other sources. In 2007, Intute’s funding was renewed and the service was given five years to establish funding from alternative sources. However, without a clearly identified alternative funding stream the continuation of Intute in its current form is therefore not considered viable beyond July 2010'."
After that date, Intute will still be available but with minimal maintenance.

Intute's current awareness service has been invaluable to me and many others. It covers every academic topic, including law.

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