Friday, June 25, 2010

2009 Annual Report of Courthouse Libraries BC Available

Courthouse Libraries BC, the non-profit organization that provides legal information services to the legal community and the public of British Columbia, has just published its annual report for 2009:
"2009 saw Courthouse Libraries BC successfully launch two major initiatives — both online— that are positively shaping the organization’s role as a leader in British Columbia’s legal, library, and public user communities for the decade ahead. "

"In April, we launched Clicklaw (, a portal website designed for the general public. Clicklaw was developed in collaboration with 24 BC organizations that produce public legal education and information. The resulting cohesive, content-rich resource has proven to be an instant success (...)"

In November, we launched a completely redeveloped Courthouse Libraries website ..., our flagship online destination for the legal community (...)

"With the earlier launch of Clicklaw for the general public, we were able to focus the new Courthouse Libraries website more explicitly on the needs of practicing lawyers. The website now includes an array of new features built with the practitioner in mind, including comprehensive search tools, information feeds organized by practice area, user accounts, and online ordering capabilities."
[Source: The Stream]

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