Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Statistics Canada Report on Where Youth Commit Crime

Statistics Canada today released a report on Where and when youth commit police-reported crimes:

"Police-reported data from 2008 indicate that, overall, private residences were the most common sites for youth crime, more than for commercial establishments and outdoor public spaces."

"Nearly one-third (32%) of young people aged 12 to 17 accused of an offence were involved in incidents that occurred at a private residence, which includes homes and surrounding property and structures."

"Commercial establishments, including stores, office buildings and gas stations, accounted for 23% of youth crime sites, as did outdoor public spaces such as streets, parks and parking lots. About 13% of crime occurred on school property (...)"

"The location of youth crime varied with the type of offence. For example, non-violent youth crime, especially property-related offences such as minor theft, possession of stolen goods, fraud and shoplifting, took place in commercial establishment more often than other offences."

"However, youth violent crime and youth drug offences were more likely than other types of crime to occur on school property. About 23% of police-reported youth violent crime and 31% of youth drug offences took place on school property."

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