Thursday, July 22, 2010

Law Commission (England) and Scottish Law Commission Consultation Paper on Level Crossings

The Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission are conducting a joint review of the law relating to level crossings and have issued a consultation paper.

From the press release:
"Level crossings present the largest single risk of catastrophic train accident in Great Britain (...)"

"Regulators, owners and operators of Britain’s 8,000 level crossings who want to modernise crossings and enhance safety struggle to do so within a framework of laws that are outdated, complex and hard to understand. The Commissions have examined the legislative framework covering level crossings from the widest angle, reviewing the laws that govern health and safety, highways and roads, land, planning, crime and disability discrimination, as well as railway law. They are keen to hear comments on topics such as rights of way, access to land, signage and disability issues, as well as ideas on how to encourage greater collaboration among those with an interest in level crossings."

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