Friday, December 31, 2010

Winners of the 2010 CLawBies – Canadian Law Blog Awards

The winners of the 5th annual CLawBies (Canadian Law Blog Awards) have been announced:
"You’ll notice a couple of changes in our lineup from previous years. We’ve renamed our top award — Best Canadian Law Blog or Blogger — in honour of Professor Simon Fodden, one of the founders and the driving force behind Slaw, which is widely recognized worldwide as one of the very best law blogs, period. With this name change, we are honourably retiring Slaw from CLawBies competition, installing it as a fixture in the blawgosphere to which all online publications, Canadian and otherwise, should aspire."

"Naming the award after Professor Fodden performs two functions: first, it permanently recognizes that Slaw is, year in and year out, the best of the best in Canadian law blogging — in fact, it’s rapidly evolving beyond mere 'blog' status into something much more. And secondly, it opens the competition to a wider pool of blogs that, great as they are, can’t compete with a colossus like Slaw. It’s a little like the old joke that the NHL would have to rename its Most Valuable Player Award the Wayne Gretzky Trophy. The NHL had Gretzky; the Canadian virtual legal community has Simon Fodden."
Here are the categories:
  1. Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog
  2. Best Practitioner Blog
  3. Legal Culture Award
  4. Non-Legal Audience Award
  5. Friend of the North Awards ("American bloggers who look north of the 49th parallel to network and exchange ideas with their Canadian counterparts")
  6. EuroCan Connection Award
  7. Best Legal News Blog
  8. Practice Management Award
  9. Law Librarian Blog Award
  10. Best Legal Technology Blog
  11. Best Practice Group Blog
  12. Best New Law Blog Awards
  13. Law Professor/Law Faculty Blog Award

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