Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Canadian Court Website Guidelines - Privacy v. Public Access to Court Information

This is a follow-up to the Library Boy post of February 19, 2011 entitled Canadian Court Website Guidelines - Copyright and Licensing..

On slaw.ca, Patrick Cormier has published a second post about guidelines for the design of Canadian court websites.

This post deals with the balance between privacy of information and public access to electronic court records:
"In this post, please find ... our draft on the topic of 'Balancing Privacy and Public Access to Court Information: The Need for Confidentiality Rules'. Essentially, our recommendation on topic is to follow the Canadian Judicial Council Model Policy on topic (...)"

"This Model Policy reduces the issue of access to court information in a few simple access rules, effectively achieving a recommended balance between the right of the public to open courts with the right of an individual to privacy. The CCCT recommends the application of this Model Policy to court web sites, including the recommendation about preventing indexing and cache storage of judgments from web robots and search engines."

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