Monday, February 14, 2011

Newest Issue of Law Library Journal

The most recent issue of Law Library Journal is available on the website of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Among the highlights:
  • The Durham Statement Two Years Later: Access in the Law School Journal Environment: "The Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship, drafted by a group of academic law library directors, was promulgated in February 2009. It calls for two things: (1) open access publication of law school–published journals; and (2) an end to print publication of law journals, coupled with a commitment to keeping the electronic versions available in 'stable, open, digital formats.' The two years since the Statement was issued have seen increased publication of law journals in openly available electronic formats, but little movement toward all-electronic publication. This article discusses the issues raised by the Durham Statement, the current state of law journal publishing, and directions forward."
  • HeinOnline and Law Review Citation Patterns: "The authors tested the proposition that the ubiquity of HeinOnline in law libraries would alter law review citation patterns. Has HeinOnline’s provision of the full runs of law reviews in full text led to more citations to older materials? This article reports the results of the study they undertook to test this theory."
  • Law Library Budgets in Hard Times: "This article begins by looking at the environment of the academic law library of the twenty-first century, followed by an analysis of the current economic climate and an assessment of how these difficult economic times will affect academic law libraries. The next section discusses strategies a law library director can marshal to manage a multimillion-dollar budget in face of reduced resources. Focusing in on the institution’s own budget and accounting framework, creative thinking, and planning for use of resources can have successful and innovative outcomes for law libraries and the schools they support. Finally tools and strategies that can help support budget requests are discussed."
  • Thinking, Writing, Sharing, Blogging: Lessons Learned from Implementing a Law Library Blog: "The authors detail the experience of the University of Pennsylvania Biddle Law Library’s implementation of a departmental blog-writing program, established in 2007. The article includes a discussion of successes and challenges in running the Biddleblog and closes with suggested strategies for law libraries considering starting, or perhaps revamping, their own blogs."
  • Practicing Reference...Work Crunch: "Facing a time crunch herself, Ms. [Mary] Whisner [Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library, University of Washington School of Law] suggests ways that librarians can handle periods when there is just too much to do."

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