Thursday, August 25, 2011

Series on IT Security for Libraries

The LISNews site has been running a series on IT Security for Libraries.

The most recent part covers 20 Common Security Myths:
  1. You have nothing important to steal
  2. Having antivirus software makes you completely safe
  3. Using Mac/Linux makes you safe
  4. Patches and updates make things worse and break them
  5. You can look at a site and know it's safe and not serving bad stuff
  6. Using a firewall makes you safe
  7. Complex frequently changed passwords make you safe
  8. Avoiding IE makes me safe
  9. If an email comes from a familiar face it's ok
  10. If a link comes from a friend on Facebook/twitter it's safe
  11. If I just click a link it's ok
  12. Only porn, gambling, and other “sketchy” sites are dangerous
  13. Only naive users get infected with malware and viruses
  14. You can only get infected if you download files
  15. If I'm compromised I will know it
  16. Infections come from email
  17. P2P and torrents are safe
  18. Hardware can't spread or come preinfected with malware
  19. If I never log off / restart I can't get infected
    And finally...
  20. I'm too smart to get infected... Yes, you and me both!

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