Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British Columbia's New Family Law Act

The Stream, the blog of Courthouse Libraries BC, has a post about The New Family Law Act: A brief background and a shorter synopsis.

The Act (FLA) was introduced yesterday in the British Columbia legislature and comes after a major review of family legislation in the province. It is intended to overhaul the Family Relations Act:
"Although some aspects of the FLA are a modest update of the Family Relations Act, such as the act’s discussion of child support and jurisdictional overlap between the courts, the FLA
  • imposes new and radically different legislative schemes on a number of traditional family law subjects (care of children, enforcement of court orders),
  • codifies certain common law principles (conflicts of laws, fairness in negotiation processes),
  • establishes novel regulatory mechanisms on matters new to provincial law (assisted reproduction, parenting coordination), and
  • repeals some subjects of long standing in the FRA (parental support, statutory offences)."
Earlier Library Boy posts on the subject include:

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 6:03 pm


Blogger Jarrod said...

The new BC Family Law Act provides the legal right of married persons to have multiple spouses as long as the new spouses are common law spouses. Divorce from a civil marriage is not the triggering event to the 24 month countdown in cohabitation for common law marital status. Plainly that is illegal and protects polygamists and certain Sharia Muslims. The government is doing what cable companies used to do before being disallowed by courts. Instead of having common law marriages opt-in to marital status, the new Family Law Act forces people to be spouses.

8:43 am  

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