Monday, December 19, 2011

La Presse Profile of Departing Supreme Court of Canada Justice Ian Binnie

The Montreal newspaper La Presse today printed a profile of Justice Ian Binnie who retired earlier this year from the Supreme Court of Canada.

In the article, justice columnist Yves Boisvert quotes Binnie's remarks about the prohibitive costs of the justice system, the collegial working atmosphere at the Court under the leadership of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and his disappointment over the Chaoulli ruling on private healthcare.

According to Boisvert, what Binnie retains of his 14 years on the top bench is the Canadian population's decency:
«Je suis impressionné par la décence fondamentale de la population. Les gens absorbent les changements avec une rapidité extraordinaire. Prenez le mariage gai. Ce fut une controverse immense. Qu'en reste-t-il?» [I am impressed by the fundamental decency of the population. People absorb changes with extraordinary speed. Take gay marriage. It was a huge controversy. What left of it?]
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Justice Binnie had learned of the patient who died in Dr. Chaouilli's waiting room?

6:47 pm  

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