Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 CLawBies – Canadian Law Blog Awards

The 6th Annual Canadian Law Blog Awards (or CLawBies) were "handed out" on New Year's Eve:

"If this is your first encounter with the CLawBies, allow us to fill in the basics. We are looking for the best law blogs in Canada. Every December, we ask Canadian lawyers and legal professionals to nominate candidates via blog posts or Tweets — once again, encouraging contact and new relationships between nominators and nominees and strengthening the bonds within our unique community (...)"

"As usual, we also offer two caveats. The first is that the CLawBies are based on no fixed criteria, only our personal sense of what makes a blog essential, informative and engaging — another set of judges might reach different and equally reasonable conclusions. And secondly, please accept our standard advisory not to take the CLawBies (or any other blog awards) too seriously."
There are categories for:
  • Best Canadian Law Blog
  • Best Practitioner Blogs
  • Legal Culture Award
  • Non-Legal Audience Blog
  • Friend of the North Award (US / UK blog that discusses Canada from time to time)
  • EuroCan Connection Award
  • Legal News
  • Best Practice Management Blog
  • Law Library Blog
  • Legal Technology
  • Practice Group Blog
  • Best New Blogs
  • Best Law School/Law Professor Blog

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