Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Library of Parliament Publication on Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada

The Library of Parliament recently made public its study of the Legal Status at the Federal Level of Assisted Human Reproduction in Canada (dated 6 September 2011):

"The world’s first 'test-tube baby,' the result of fertilizing a human ovum in vitro and transferring the resulting embryo to a woman’s uterus, was born in England in 1978. This achievement followed decades of clinical and laboratory research. It also catalyzed interest in a new area of medical ethics as multiple technological advances, along with their implications for genetics, posed new ethical questions and responsibilities."

"This paper provides an overview of the many steps that have been taken in Canada to establish a legislative and regulatory framework for reproductive technologies and related research. This background includes a description of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies, early attempts at legislation and a discussion of the Assisted Human Reproduction Act, in force since 2004, including its list of prohibited activities. Finally, the constitutional challenge to the legislation that was brought by the Attorney General of Quebec and was ultimately heard by the Supreme Court of Canada is reviewed. This paper does not examine how activities related to assisted human reproduction may be regulated by the provinces."

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