Thursday, March 29, 2012

Canadian Human Rights Commission 2011 Annual Report

The Canadian Human Rights Commission has released its annual report for 2011.

The highlight of last year was the change to the Canadian Human Rights Act that took effect concerning Native Canadians. Since June 18, 2011, the Commission has been able to receive discrimination complaints against First Nations governments on matters under the Indian Act. Since that time, First Nations people have had access to the same level of human rights protection in law as everyone else in Canada.

When the Canadian Human Rights Act first became law in 1977, matters under the Indian Act were specifically excluded. This meant that the Canadian Human Rights Commission could not accept complaints from hundreds of thousands of Canadians covered by the Indian Act. That has now been fixed.

The report also discusses a number of important issues in which the Commission was involved that were related to pay discrimination, hate speech, disabilities, and seniors.

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