Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Demise of Legal Journal Indexes?

Over at, John Papadopoulos has a post entitled Law Journal Indexes – Still Relevant? that argues for the continuing relevance of journal indexes that are vendor/source-neutral and based on strong controlled vocabularies:
"... the announcement a while ago from Sweet and Maxwell that their UK based service Current Legal Information (CLI) will be discontinued on April 30 comes as a disappointment if not necessarily as a huge surprise. The CLI included digests of new cases and a case citator, but it was most notable to law librarians for its Legal Journals Index the most complete online index of UK legal periodical materials. Hopefully the demise of the CLI is a not a sign of things to come, but I worry that it might be (...)

"So if the best article on my topic appears in a journal that is exclusive to Lexis, I wouldn't find it if I prefer using Hein. Indexes on the other hand are (in theory) source neutral – the ICLL indexes all relevant Canadian literature regardless of provider."

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