Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guardian (UK) Series on the "Battle for the Internet"

The UK newspaper The Guardian has published a wonderful series on the future of the Internet called Battle for the Internet:
"The Guardian is taking stock of the new battlegrounds for the internet. From states stifling dissent to the new cyberwar front line, we look at the challenges facing the dream of an open internet"
Every day over a period of one week, the daily has tackled the major flashpoints relating to the future of cyberspace:
  • the new Cold War (state censorship)
  • militarization of cyberspace
  • the new walled gardens (app stores, social network sites like Facebook, surveillance bills)
  • the IP wars
  • 'civilizing' the web
  • the open resistance (hacktivists and open Internet proponents)
  • the end of privacy

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