Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Library of Parliament Research Publication on Prostitution

The Library of Parliament recently updated its research publication on Prostitution in Canada: International Obligations, Federal Law, and Provincial and Municipal Jurisdiction.

From the introduction:
"Canada’s approach to dealing with prostitution beyond its borders and within them is a multifaceted one, involving a combination of criminal laws at the federal level, provincial/territorial laws and municipal solutions that highlight the various jurisdictional responsibilities at play. While prostitution (consensual sex between two adults for consideration) is legal in Canada, most activities surrounding the act of prostitution - including public solicitation, pimping, operating a brothel, trafficking in persons and the commercial sexual exploitation of children - are prohibited."
"This paper provides an overview of how jurisdictions across Canada handle the question of prostitution, from negotiating Canada’s international obligations in this regard, to implementing federal criminal laws and provincial/territorial and municipal measures to deal with specific issues at a practical level."

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