Monday, October 15, 2012

House of Commons Hansard Gets Social Media Facelift

The electronic Hansard, the official record of federal parliamentary debates of the House and the Senate, is undergoing a major change, at least on the House side:

"Now, video clips pop up next to a transcript of the speech, alongside links to share content on Facebook and Twitter or subscribe to an automatic feed."

"The coding behind the website has also been cut up, making it easier for those interested in repurposing parts of Hansard for their own reasons — such as MPs who might want to build a app or put content on their websites."
Sounds greats.

However, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations's Kady O'Malley has found a few glitches.

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 8:42 pm


Blogger Unknown said...

I was teaching a class of second year journalism students at Carleton on Monday and 90 per cent of their laptops were Macs. "Glitches" might be an understatement.

1:20 pm  

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