Friday, October 19, 2012

March 2013 Symposium on Legacy of Retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice Louise Charon

The University of Ottawa will host a symposium on March 22-23, 2013 Celebrating the Contributions of Justice Louise Charron.

Madame Charron retired from the Supreme Court of Canada recently:
"This Symposium, like past events, provides an important opportunity for diverse members of the Canadian legal community to come together to celebrate and honour Justice Charron and her exceptional contributions to the Canadian legal landscape during her 23-year judicial career.  Although Justice Charron’s jurisprudence spans a variety of subject areas including private law, contracts, family law and constitutional law, she is best known for her foundational contributions to the world of criminal law and the notoriously complex law of evidence.  During her nearly seven years on the Supreme Court of Canada, Justice Charron penned more of the Court’s criminal law jurisprudence than any other judge, and many of her decisions truly revolutionized the face of Canadian criminal law.  Committed to legal education and continuing education for lawyers and judges, Justice Charron has also served as the Associate Director of the National Judicial Institue and most recently joined the Advisory Board of the University of Ottawa’s Legal Writing Academy, a flagship program designed to elevate the writing skills of our JD students through innovative course offerings, peer-to-peer mentoring and writing workshops."

"The Symposium will result in a bilingual, edited collection of peer-reviewed scholarship broadly motivated by Justice Charron’s career and her diverse areas of expertise.  The publication of an edited volume of essays will create a permanent record of the Symposium proceedings and will allow for the broader dissemination of the ideas and analyses presented at the Symposium. "
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