Monday, November 19, 2012

Canadian Legal Publisher Price Trends

The Vendor Liaison Committee of the Canadian Association of Law Librarians (CALL) has compiled some preliminary information about price trends for Canadian law publications in the upcoming year.

Carswell (Westlaw):
  • Online – 3 – 5%, subject to change based on firm dynamics and size of firm
  • Print – 3 – 5%, which vary by title

4% increase for 2013 for both print and electronic.

Irwin Law:
  • Print books – not planning to increase the prices for titles in 2013. New publication prices are set based on costs during publication.
  • eBooks – Do not have a set scale for increasing this price. Price evaluated based on the number of titles that are added over the year.
  • Globally : subscription costs to L'Express will go up by 3%
  • Juris.doc costs up 2%.
  • Docket service ("plumitifs") up 2%.
  • Annotated Civil Code of Quebec and Quebec Code of Civil Procedure will be offered at the same prices as in 2012. Law reports such as RJQ and RJDT are transitioning to e-book format and will be offered at the same price as in 2012
Yvon Blais:

Anticipated raises for print and online products will be between 1 and 3% in 2013.

Compare with last year's price trends.

More information on library-vendor relations can be found on the Committee's section of the CALL website.

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