Thursday, November 15, 2012

Interview With Law Library of Congress Legal Reference Librarian

In Custodia Legis, the blog of the Law Library of Congress in Washington, has been running an interview series featuring members of the library staff. The series started in late October 2010.

There are more than 90 posts in the series.

This week's interview is with Robert Brammer, Legal Reference Librarian:
"What is the most interesting fact that you have learned about the Law Library of Congress? "
"We have an incredible collection of approximately 60,000 rare books and bound manuscripts. 25,000 of those items are housed in a climate controlled vault. To be considered rare, an item must have been published prior to 1801. The items in our collection include a petition for a writ signed by Abraham Lincoln during the period he practiced law, William Blackstone’s 'Commentaries on the Laws of England' published in Philadelphia during the late 18th century, and a Dutch translation of the U.S. Constitution that was intended to promote ratification."
The Law Library of Congress was established in Washington in 1832 by the United States Congress and is the world's largest law library.

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