Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Will Library and Archives Canada Reestablish Inter-Library Loan Service?

In today's La Presse, the Montreal-based daily, the communications head of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) , Marc Comeau, is quoted as saying that the institution will set up a new modified inter-library loan service in 2013 and act as the lender of last resort when it is the only Canadian institution to hold a particular item ["un service de prêteur de dernier recours lorsqu'il sera la seule institution au pays à détenir un ouvrage quelconque"].

As members of the Canadian library community know, LAC terminated its existing inter-library loan service earlier in December. That service had been essential to the work of libraries and researchers across Canada.

According to La Presse, LAC's inter-library loan employees, all of whom had already been laid off, were invited earlier today to a meeting. None of these experienced staff members has yet been invited to join the new service.

To be followed as the saying goes...

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posted by Michel-Adrien at 8:38 pm


Blogger Unknown said...

fingers crossed LAC makes the right decision and brings back ILL.

4:33 pm  

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