Saturday, January 26, 2013

European Court of Human Rights 2012 Annual Report

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) based in Strasbourg has released its annual report for 2012. There are also some interesting statistical tables that come with the document.

Among the highlights:
  • The  table  of  violations  by  country  showed  that  the State with  the  highest
    number of judgments finding at least one violation of the Convention delivered against it had  been  Russia  (122  judgments),  followed  by  Turkey  (117),  Romania  (70),  Ukraine (69), Bulgaria (58), Poland (56) and Greece (52). The total number of judgments was 1,093
  • One of the major innovations was the replacement of the HUDOC database, which had been in service for over a decade, with a new, completely redesigned system
  • The Court has published over 40 Factsheets containing snapshots of the most interesting decided and pending cases by theme, including children’s
    rights, data protection, the environment, forced labour and trafficking,
    gender identity, mental health, new technologies, protection of
    journalistic sources, Roma and Travellers, and violence against women
The ECHR hears complaints from individuals living in any of the member states of the Council of Europe about violations of the European Convention of Human Rights. The Council of Europe is one of the continent's oldest political organizations, founded in 1949. It has 47 member countries.

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