Thursday, March 14, 2013

CLA Government Library Network Interview With Environment Canada's Ross Gordon

The CLA Government Library and Information Management Professionals Network, part of the Canadian Library Association (CLA), has launched 13 Questions With..., a new series on its website that will profile a member of the Canadian library and IM community every week.

This week's interview is with Ross Gordon, Director, ECollab, Library and Records Management Service, Environment Canada , in Ottawa. He is one of the first librarians I ever met when I started in my new profession.

"Career advice – what’s your top tip?
Take courses outside your school, be very broad, you never know what opportunity will pop up. In my time whole new technologies blew up that took on IM specialists, things we never dreamed of became normal. Google, who knew? Handy to have some business and marketing courses. I sell my library services full time, otherwise they can become roadkill. The way it is. Learn to speak out loud about how valuable you are, don’t for a minute think people will just notice you. Study History and Technology and Business and whatever else looks like fun. May come in handy. I got to work a year in Marketing at CISTI which was a lot of fun, travelled all over the place, who knew it was coming? "

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