Monday, May 13, 2013

Saskatchewan Law Reform Commission Report on Civil Rights in long-Term care Facilities

The Saskatchewan Law Reform Commission has released its final report on Civil Rights in Saskatchewan Long-term Care Facilities:
"Elderly people and others in long - term care are entitled to the same respect as other citizens. Violation of civil rights of long - term care residents is a form of abuse which may range from life threatening abuse to simple disrespect for the autonomy and privacy of residents. The focus of this paper is on violations of the rights of residents, partic ularly when they do not involve physical abuse, and particularly when they may not be effectively addressed by existing protocols designed to deal with more blatant forms of abuse. Responses to the Consultation Paper highlighted that long - term care staff, residents, and resident families and supporters may be unfamiliar with rights in long - term care, including how to assert these rights and seek remedy for their breach. New steps should be taken to ensure civil rights are recognized in long - term care. This Final Report sets out the Commission’s proposals to improve civil rights in long - term care facilities."

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