Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring 2013 Issue of Law Library Journal Now Available

The Spring 2013 issue of Law Library Journal is available on the website of the American Association of Law Libraries.

Among the many articles, the following attracted my attention:
  • Training in FCIL Librarianship for Tomorrow’s World (by Neel Kant Agrawal, Los Angeles County Law Library): "Foreign, comparative, and international law (FCIL) librarianship has grown in importance along with the increased emphasis on global legal research. As the field moves forward, it is important to develop core competencies in FCIL librarianship. These core competencies will provide a common knowledge base among librarians throughout the world. New developments in technology, culture, and legal research necessitate a fresh look at the skills required to be successful in FCIL librarianship. This will then permit a wide range of information professionals to acquire an expertise in FCIL librarianship, through a certification process based on the attainment of these core competencies."
  • Other Uses of Legislative History (by Mary Whisner, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington):"Although we usually think of using legislative history to determine legislative intent when interpreting statutes, Ms. Whisner shows that legislative documents can be useful for other, less controversial purposes as well."

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