Monday, July 29, 2013

Canadian Judicial Council 2012-2013 Annual Report

The Canadian Judicial Council (CJC) has published its annual report for 2012-2013.

The CJC was created in 1971. Its role is to improve the quality of judicial service in all superior courts in Canada. It is composed of the chief justices and associate chief justices of Canada's superior courts. The Council is chaired by The Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada.

One of its essential functions is to examine complaints concerning the acts of federally-appointed judges.

Among the highlights of the report:

  • For fiscal year 2012-2013 (reporting as of 21 March 2013) a total of 138 new complaint files were opened. The total number of complaint files closed for the same period was 131. As of 21 March 2013, there were 44 complaint files under review at various stages of the complaint process.The report summarizes 9 of the complaints.
  • As of 21 March 2013, 233 letters were sent to individuals who were seeking clarity on Council’s mandate or who were expressing dissatisfaction with a judge’s decisions or who were complaining about the conduct of an official not within Council’s jurisdiction (ie. provincial judge, master, lawyer). This is an increase from 163 such letters in 2011-12; 114 such letters in 2010-11 and 83 such letters in 2009-10.

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