Thursday, March 27, 2014

British Columbia Queen's Printer Moving All Legislative Content Over to Free Site in April

Earlier this week, Catherine Best wrote on her Canadian Legal Research Blog that the Queen's Printer of British Columbia has announced that subscription-based legislative materials now on the QP LegalEze platform will be made available on the free BC Laws website starting next week.

The transition of content from the fee-based site to the free BC Laws will be gradual. QP LegalEze will be discontinued once all the content has been transferred over to the free site.

As Best writes:
"This is great news for anyone wanting to research British Columbia legislation. In particular, the removal in the 1996 revision of legislative history information from the legislation itself – into tables available only by subscription or through libraries – has resulted in many lawyers and students not taking the extra step to consult those tables. This information is necessary for any kind of historical legislative research, and for finding judicial consideration of earlier versions of the legislation. Starting on April 2nd, it will be freely available on BC Laws."
Here is the press release from the B.C. government.

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