Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Statistics Canada Article on Firearms and Violent Crime

The Statistics Canada publication Juristat has published a new article on Firearms and violent crime in Canada, 2012:
"There were approximately 5,600 victims of firearm-related violent crime in 2012, accounting for 2% of all victims of violent crime. The rate of firearm-related violent crime has decreased 27% since 2009, reaching 21 per 100,000 population in 2012. In 2012, most (57%) victims of firearm-related violent crime were involved in an incident that was handgun-related. "

"Rates of firearm-related violent crime differ across the provinces and territories, with Saskatchewan and Manitoba having the highest rates among the provinces, similar to violent crime in general. Rates of handgun violence are highest in CMAs [census metropolitan areas], while rates of rifle or shotgun violent crime are higher in non-CMA areas. "

"There were 172 victims of firearm-related homicide in 2012, 14 more than the previous year. When compared to non-firearm homicide, firearm-related homicide is more likely to be related to gang or organized crime activity and less likely to be cleared by police." [from the summary]

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