Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Public Safety Canada Outcomes Report on National Policing Research Symposium

In the most recent Weekly Checklist of federal government publications,  there is a link to a report by Public Safety Canada and Simon Fraser University on the outcomes of the Economics of Policing: National Policing Research Symposium held last March in Vancouver:
"The Symposium, the first of its kind in Canada, brought together 98 representatives from the three national police associations, frontline officers, Canadian and international academics, federal, provincial and territorial government representatives, and other policing partners together to 1) discuss the governance, structure and mandate required for a Canadian policing research network , 2) identify research priorities for the policing community in Canada , and 3) comment on a prototype of a web portal for policing research."

"This report provides a summary of the discussions and findings , as well as the key ideas, innovations, opportunities, themes, questions, challenges and conclusions that came out of the two-and-a-half-day discussion. A further goal of the report is to articulate the participants’ deliberations, considerations and decisions related to the development of a national policing research network or centre and policing research priorities for Canada ."
The Weekly Checklist includes a listing of titles made available by the Parliament of Canada, federal departments, and Statistics Canada to the Depository Services Program for distribution to a network of Depository Libraries in Canada and abroad. 


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