Saturday, January 10, 2015

Canadian Library Association Statement on Terrorist Attacks Against Chalie Hebdo

The Canadian Library Association (CLA)  issued a statement yesterday regarding the terrorist atrocity committed against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo:
"The CLA condemns this and all acts of violence against the freedom of expression and against those who exercise free expression, regardless of who considers it unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable anywhere in the world ."

"The CLA affirms that libraries in Canada and in every democratic country have a fundamental responsibility to collect, curate, preserve, and provide access to the widest variety of knowledge, creativity and intellectual activity that is essential to the moral health and intellectual development of our societies and that forms the bedrock of democratic culture, social and economic improvement , innovation, and civic engagement. Our work celebrates and reinforces diversity, supports lifelong learning, and contributes to the development of just and equitable communities. Our libraries and the civic interests we uphold serve as the foundation for modern democracy and human advancement."

"The CLA encourages libraries to resist all efforts to limit the exercise of free speech while recognizing the right of criticism by individuals and groups."
The library at my place of work. like all libraries I have ever visited or used, no doubt has many books that are sure to deeply offend people of all beliefs and backgrounds: pro-feminist, anti-feminist, pro-gay, anti-gay, pro-Charter, anti-Charter, pro-secularist radical, pro-religious radical, pro-federalist, pro-separatist, atheist, moderate run-of-the-mill believer in God, Marxist, conservative, socialist, liberal and the just plain confused. Thank goodness.

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