Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Alberta Law Reform Institute Publishes Report for Discussion on Non-Profit Corporations

The Alberta Law Reform Institute has just published Report for Discussion 26 – Non-Profit Corporations:
"Non-profit organizations and regulators are often working within limited means. The balance between requirements and the ability to comply is crucial, so that human and financial resources can be dedicated to the objectives of the organization and to the appropriate role of the regulator. The first step in achieving such balance is not only to get input from non-profits themselves, but also from those who interact with these organizations, including corporate authorities, granting agencies and legal advisers."

"To this end, the Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) has worked in collaboration with representatives of various types of stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the issues each respectively deal with. As part of this consultation process, ALRI now releases a Report for Discussion.  (...)"

"Given its importance, the sector needs to be supported by a governance framework that is clear and enabling. The current provincial corporate legislation does not do this well. Rather, it is characterized by gaps, inconsistencies and outdated concepts. The scope of ALRI’s project is to reform the primary non-profit corporate legislation in Alberta, the Societies Act and Part 9 of the Companies Act. The challenge, however, is to develop a corporate legal framework that will meet the needs of this diverse sector."
The Report also looks at reform attempts in other Canadian jurisdictions such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia and the federal sector.

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