Thursday, February 26, 2015

Call for Nominations for Denis Marshall Memorial Award for Excellence in Law Librarianship

The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) is seeking nominations for the Denis Marshall Memorial Award for Excellence in Law Librarianship:
"This award is an honour bestowed upon a current member of CALL/ACBD who has provided outstanding service to the Association AND/OR enhanced the profession of law librarianship in the recent past. The specific contributions  must reflect the qualities embodied by Denis Marshall:
  • a continued commitment to excellence in law librarianship;
  • a strong service ethic;
  •   a commitment to continuous learning;
  • a significant contribution to the scholarship of the library profession;
  • mentoring and encouraging those who seek a profession in law librarianship;
  • the pursuit of innovation and/or innovative solutions;
  • and/or a contribution to leadership in the law library profession."
Nominees' names must be submitted in writing to the Chair, Scholarships and Awards Committee. The name of the nominated person must be accompanied by two signed letters from colleagues in support of the nominee, with three additional names of CALL members supporting the nomination. Documentation supporting the accomplishment(s)/achievement(s) of the nominee along with the rationale or justification must be included in the submission.

This is a confidential process, so the nominee should not be made aware that they are being nominated.

Nominations should be sent in by April 1st.

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