Thursday, April 21, 2016

Survey of US Law School Faculty: Evaluation of the Law Library

New York-based Primary Research Group has released a study entitled Survey of Law School Faculty: Evaluation of the Law Library:
"The 115-page study presents detailed data on law faculty evaluations of a myriad of law library information resources and services, including but not limited to information services such as West, LexisNexis, Bloomberg, FindLaw, and Google Scholar; services such as group study rooms, database training and other infoliteracy services, inter-library loan, range and quality of law journals and legal databases, course reserves, law library information technology and much more."

"In addition, the report presents faculty judgments on the idea of hiring more librarians, on the future of the library budget and on the overall efficiency of the law school library compared to other departments and units of the law school."
124 law school faculty from 38 law schools in the United States took part.

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