Monday, May 23, 2016

New Legal Citation Guide for Canada

As reported last week on, a working group of law librarians, lawyers and law professors has been set up to develop a new legal citation guide for Canada:
"There is currently no standard legal citation guide in Canada that has been uniformly accepted by all legal sectors and institutions. In addition to existing published citation guides, various courts, law schools, law journals and publishers have developed and are using their own guides to meet their particular needs."

"The Canadian public has a right to an accessible standard of legal citation that will facilitate, not hinder their access to legal information and subsequently to justice. Members of the group believe that legal citation should be easier and more uniform than it currently is, and that Canadian lawyers should be taught in law school a citation standard that will carry them through to the practice of law and will be accepted by all Canadian courts (...)"

"It is not meant to be a style guide for legal journals or judicial decisions."
The article contains contact information for individuals interested in being part of the advisory group formed to provide feedback.


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