Sunday, June 19, 2016

Statistical Profiles of Library and IM Communities in the Federal Public Service

I found this on the website about two infographics about the Information Management (IM) and Library Science (LS) communities in the federal public service:
"The 2014 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) IM Community infographic is based on the PSES responses of employees who indicated that they identify with the Information Management (IM) community in relation to their current job. The Library Science (LS) Population 2015 Infographic is based on the regional pay system and highlights key demographics for the 260 LS in the Core Public Administration (CPA)."

"There were 4,627 respondents from the 2014 PSES survey who self-identified as part of the IM Community (...)"

"The 2015 LS population infographic shows that the majority of LS are located in the NCR (73%), are women (77%), with their first official language being English (78%). Library and Archives Canada is the department with the largest number of people in the LS category with 19%. The largest group and level is LS-02 at 50%, followed by LS-03 at 33%. The LS group is older than the CPA with 74% over 40 years old compared with 65% in the CPA."

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