Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fall 2016 Issue of Law Library Journal

The Fall 2016 issue of Law Library Journal is now available online. it is published by the American Association of Law Lbraries.

Featured articles include:
  • The Need for Experiential Legal Research Education: "With most legal research courses having experiential components, designating legal research courses as experiential would allow schools to increase offerings in legal research and to meet the ABA’s newly expanded experiential course requirement. When structured appropriately, legal research courses clearly meet the requirements laid out in the simulation category of experiential courses."
  • Here Come Your New Colleagues: Are They Ready? A Survey of U.S. Library and Information Science Programs’ Education of Aspiring Law Librarians: "Law library professionals contend that they need some specialized training in law librarianship to perform effectively in their jobs. Based on that philosophy, the profession should determine whether U.S. library and information science programs are meeting the need for such instruction. This article explores whether the programs’ offerings are sufficient for educating aspiring law librarians."
  • Human Subjects Research Review: Scholarly Needs and Service Opportunities: "Academic law libraries have evolved to support new forms of legal research and instruction. Attendant to the rise in empirical legal research, law libraries could provide human subjects research review services. These interesting and value-added offerings leverage librarians’ regulatory analysis skills and contribute valuably to the campus research community." 
  • Discovering the Knowledge Monopoly of Law Librarianship Under the DIKW Pyramid: "Historical debates demonstrated that knowledge monopoly is a key to a profession. This article explores the exclusive knowledge base of the law librarianship profession through the lens of the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom (DIKW) paradigm."

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