Monday, March 27, 2017

AMICUS National Union Catalogue to be Replaced Under Deal Between OCLC and Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) has signed a deal with OCLC, the international non-profit library co-operative, to replace AMICUS.

AMICUS serves as a national union catalogue, helping users locate materials in hundreds of library collections across the country. It is often used for the purposes of identifying libraries that can provide copies of material via inter-library loan.

As LAC explains:
"LAC’s current system is outdated and no longer adequately meets the needs of Canadians. Following an in-depth analysis and consultations with key stakeholders in the Canadian library community, LAC concluded that it would be less costly to acquire these services than to build and maintain an in-house system."

"Implementation of LAC’s new library management system will take place over the next 24 months. LAC will continue to serve its clients using AMICUS while the new service is implemented. Once the OCLC system is fully operational in 2018, AMICUS services will be discontinued."

"To take advantage of OCLC’s world-class services, Canadian libraries must be members of the co-operative. Many Canadian libraries are already members of OCLC. In line with feedback from the Canadian library community, LAC has negotiated an agreement with OCLC whereby LAC will cover the interlibrary loan and copy cataloguing subscription fees for small public libraries and small libraries at post-secondary institutions (community colleges, CEGEPs and universities). In spring or summer 2017, LAC will let libraries know how they can apply for financial assistance in order to become members of OCLC."

"LAC will also work closely with Canadian libraries that are not OCLC members to resolve their interlibrary loan and copy cataloguing needs."

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