Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Blog Series for 10th Anniversary of Supreme Court Dunsmuir v New Brunswick Decision

Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick, 2008 SCC 9 has become the most cited Canadian court decision ever.

It will soon the 10th anniversary of what many scholars believe is the decision that rewrote Canadian administrative law.

To mark the occasion, the blogs Double Aspect and Administrative Law Matters will be publishing a series of posts by major scholars between now and the anniversary date (March 7):
"These contributions will subsequently be published in the Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice, the overall goal being to enrich discussion of Canadian administrative law and to blend new and old forms of legal writing. Contributors will be encouraged to edit their contributions in light of comments received from blog readers and other discussants on social media ― so don’t be shy!"
 Posts will cover:
  • The Background to Dunsmuir 
  • The Philosophy of Dunsmuir 
  • Correctness Review 
  • Reasonableness Review 
  • Dunsmuir and Fairness 
  • Dunsmuir and the Constitution 
  • Indigenous Peoples and Dunsmuir 
  • Teaching Dunsmuir 
  • Judicial Perspectives 
  • Comparative Perspectives 
  • The Effects of Dunsmuir

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