Tuesday, March 20, 2018

13 Questions With Fiona Anthes - Canadian War Museum

The librarianship.ca website has been running a series of librarian profiles called 13 Questions With ...

Here is the most recent one with Fiona Anthes, Supervisor, Military History Research Centre, Canadian War Museum:
"Why a career in librarianship?
Because I get to bounce between my different brain functions and bridge the gap for others trying to do the same. I constantly alternate between big thinking and individual applications, long term planning and nitty gritty daily data management, process design and client service. When I was in school and was asked the much feared 'what are you going to do with your life?' I gave the unsatisfying answer 'something interesting.' I now can truly claim I’ve never had a boring day on the job." (...)

"Career advice – what’s your top tip?
Do something that has nothing to do with your career as doggedly as you do career development. Having a personality is one of the best assets you have going for you. I once had an interviewer ask me out of curiosity about when I played in a flute and harp duet (I got the job), and know someone that was asked about their circus experience while being interviewed for medical school (they are now a doctor). I also know hiring managers for whom ‘having a life’ is a non-advertised hiring requirement. Job applications aside, you will network better, avoid small world syndrome, and generally have more fun if puppy-like enthusiasm permeates your life. "

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