Monday, April 23, 2018

CanLII Announces More Commentary

CanLII, the Canadian legal Information Institute that makes legal information content available to Canadians free of charge, has been aggressively adding commentary to its online collections in recent months.

As a recent blog post on its site explains, it is expanding its offerings of law journals, newsletters, materials from legal non-profits and law reform commissions, etc.:
"We continue to work at making sure that the Canadian legal community has the tools it needs in ways that give them the best value possible. Commentary is the next logical step. For the growing number of users of CanLII who rely only on open materials for their practice (for need or by choice), knowing that one particular law review or content provider publishes materials openly on its site or other platform is great. Having access to a list of what’s open and the possibility of searching it all at once in the same interface than where they search for primary law is better by several orders of magnitude."

"In short, publishing more commentary on CanLII will facilitate improved access and discoverability of existing secondary content that’s currently published around the web, which will help this valuable content become more integrated into researchers regular processes."

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