Thursday, February 14, 2019

Pan-Canadian Project to Translate Court Decisions

Robeside Assistance, the blog of the Carleton County Law Association in Ottawa, has reprinted a message originally shared on the listserv of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries.

Justice Canada is providing funding to the Centre de traduction et de terminologie juridiques at the University of Moncton:
"to compile an initial list of selected unilingual decisions requiring translation. The ultimate aim of the project is to increase the number of court decisions available in both official languages in all provinces and territories and thus to ensure that caselaw emanating from all over Canada is accessible to all."

"The project will favour the translation of court decisions which are more likely to have a serious impact on citizens’ private lives, notably in the field of family law and penal law. While decisions in these fields would be translated as a priority, other areas of law are certainly not excluded. We recognize that access to leading cases and landmark decisions in all fields of law is of paramount importance for the Canadian legal system."
People who are interested can fill out a Proposal Form with their suggestions of cases for translation.


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