Sunday, July 07, 2019

Statistics Canada Report on Violent Crimes Against Young Women and Girls in the North

Statistics Canada reported last week that young women and girls in northern Canada were disproportionately victims of violent crimes in 2017.

The agency defines the North as comprising the territories and the northern parts of most provinces.

While young women and girls in the North accounted for less than 7% of Canada's female population aged 24 and younger, they represented 17% of young female victims of police-reported violent crime. As a result, the rate of violent crime against young women and girls living in the North was nearly three times higher than it was in the South.

Violence against young women and girls is an ongoing human rights issue and a significant barrier to gender equality. In addition to gender, where people live can also influence the risk of violent victimization. Crime rates are higher in northern Canada and its geographic remoteness can be a barrier to accessing victim services and escaping violence. These factors are especially critical for young women and girls at risk of violence in the North.

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