Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Background on Supreme Court of Canada Nominee Mahmud Jamal

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the nomination of the Honourable Mahmud Jamal to the Supreme Court of Canada

Mr. Jamal, who currently sits on the Court of Appeal of Ontario, was nominated to replace Justice Rosalie Abella who will retire in July.

The website of the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada has information about the appointment process as well as a link to the questionnaire that the Honourable Mahmud Jamal filled out as a candidate. 

The questionnaire has information about his education and career, his major cases as a litigator, his contributions as a legal educator, presentations he has made, awards, his areas of legal expertise, and a bibliography.

Earlier today, he answered questions from members of the House of Commons justice committee and the Senate legal affairs committee. The hearings were broadcast live on CPAC and can be seen on YouTube.


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